Anxiety is not ME

Julia. 22. Boston
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  • Just took my sertraline and got that burning/irritation feeling in my throat again. there goes my good night sleep. This is soo uncomfortable. 

    Borderline Personality Disorder: The Sufferer’s Experience


    […]This self-description, sent to me by a PT reader diagnosed with bpd, has helped me to empathize with the bpd sufferer’s plight.

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    “ Anxiety is not rude. Depression is not selfish. Schizophrenia is not wrong. Eating disorders are not a choice. Obsessive-Compulsive is not crazy. Mental illness isn’t self-centred, anymore than cancer is self-centred. It’s a medical illness. ”

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    “ There comes a point when you just love someone. Not because they’re good, or bad, or anything really. You just love them. It doesn’t mean you’ll be together forever. It doesn’t mean you won’t hurt each other. It just mean you love them. Sometimes in spite of who they are, and sometimes because of who they are. And you know that they love you, sometimes because of who you are, and sometimes in spite of it. ”

    —    Laurell K. Hamilton

    (Source: onlinecounsellingcollege)

    Day 11: Describe your comfort zone..


    It’s in a boat. I love boats. Pontoons, motor boats, racing shells, a canoe, you name it.

    I was actually in one of my coach’s launches today at practice. It was so wonderful. Not too cold or hot. There was no anxiety in me. None at all. Everything involving school had left me, or people. I felt…

    This makes me miss crew so much. Nothing felt better than gliding on the Charles river during practice. I miss my coxswain days and being a part of a team.

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