Anxiety Is Not Me

Julia. 22 years old. Boston. 
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  • I think I might have anxiety can you help?

    Asked by Anonymous

    I can give you advice based on what I went through but you should start with a doctor. Anything in particular you want help with? 

    Have you had any experience with citalopram? I've been prescribed it by my doctor for my anxiety/depression but just wanted to know if you have taken it and if it worked for you xx

    Asked by Anonymous

    No I haven’t. Anyone else? 

    I have a weird question. I have had OCD for... let's just say too long. I just turned 30. And I feel like my life has been a waste. Is it even worth trying to be somebody since I seem to fail constantly? I mean, what person would ever want someone like me around?

    Asked by Anonymous

    So sorry for the late response. Your life is not a waste. You have so much more life to live. Don’t give up. Failure, mistakes, struggles are all a part of the growth. Start with learning to love yourself then love will find you. <3 

    DAY 13: Anxiety Survivor 30 day challenge


    Day 13: wow a 3 part challenge! 

    1. How did it feel to leave your comfort zone?

    I was terrified. I managed to leave my comfort zone but not in the way I had hoped. I have to count it as a success but I am sad I didnt speak my mind. I need to look at what is preventing me from speaking up. It is harming my relationship with my spouse and it is harming me.

    2. Do you think you can do it again?

    I think in order to be healthy I need to do this every day. Although at this time I don’t know how I will. I do know that I want to and I am scared.

    3. What are some other things you can do that are outside your comfort zone?

    Speak my feelings, do what I need for me and no other reason, go back to work, call HR, deal with finances, deal with phone why wont it group txt?, deal with hockey team, deal with band, take time for me, reach out to family, do things on my own, make new friends, hang out with new friends, get drivers licence. 

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